Hello there!

And welcome to Frances Wade Naturopathy.

You know that feeling when you’ve booked in to see a Naturopath and you’re a bit worried that all they are going to want to do is ask about your digestive system (when you’re going for migraines!) and pick on your diet?

I remember that feeling!  That honestly used to be me.

I was always interested in Natural Heath, but when I moved to Wagga for Uni, my diet was atrocious. I actually lived on 2-minute noodles, oranges and frozen pies. (I’m only admitting to this so you know you won’t be getting any judgement from me when it comes to diet!) 

The big surprise to me (and this was 20 years ago) was that I ended up sick. Really sick. Food just made me sick and through trial and error I ended up giving up gluten, dairy and meat for a long time. I really wish I had know about Naturopathy then!

This really fuelled my interest in health. I became a Remedial Massage Therapist and later an Ashtanga Yoga Teacher. But I had questions. Why wasn’t this body on my massage table absorbing the effects of the massage? Why was this client so much jumpier than that one? And why in yoga could two people put the same physical effort in, but only one notice physical results?

Studying Naturopathy answered my questions.  Biochemistry explained why bodies reacted how they did. Herbal Medicine and Nutritional Medicine supplied solutions.

On my Facebook page you’ll find lots of healthy lifestyle and diet tips. This is because I needed this information 20 years ago when I had to start to make changes. 

When you come into my clinic, I’m a lot more technical. I’ll still ask you about your digestive health (even if you come for migraines) but I’ll explain why I’m asking and how it can impact on the rest of your body.

And I’ll make a treatment plan with you that you can stick to. The tools at a Naturopath’s disposal are many and varied from diagnostic and consultive techniques, to Herbal and Nutritional Medicine. 

Naturopathy has helped me as a client so much since my disasterous Uni days. Now it’s your turn to be a client, and your diet won’t even make me blink.

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