Putting the fork down…

So to be a healthy body shape you just need to burn off more than you eat, right? But what if you eat like a mouse but still carry weight you don’t feel comfortable with? What if you’ve tried to diet and the weight you lost didn’t stay off? What if, what if, what if…?

Before we go any further I have to admit that I inherited great genes from my Nan. The kind that have meant that weight has never been my struggle. But before you hate me, I’ve watched friends and family eat well and gain weight and eat junk and lose weight… And vice versa. Any pre-conceived notion I had of a single fix for a healthy weight flew out the window years ago. 

What can cause you to carry extra weight? Sleep depravation, excess sleep, unbalanced hormones, thyroid issues, diet, bad knees, a sore back, alcohol, the cold, too much Brie… (That one might be just me!)… And it’s all affected by your genes and your health predisposals.

Before you grab that tub of ice cream and throw your hands in the air in surrender…Hang on! You can change a lot of things on my list above! And if I can’t help you with it I usually know someone I trust who can: from Massage Therapists to Life Coaches and everything in between.

Isolating what your health challenges are and how to work around or overcome them is key. Changes to your diet and lifestyle will change how you metabolise food and how you feel.

My aim isn’t that you’re strutting a bikini at Wagga beach this summer (although you can if you want!)… My aim is that you feel healthy, happy and energised with a healthy weight for you. And as a bonus you’ll lower your risk for Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease. That’s got to be better incentive than a bikini!

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