It’s essential…

By now most of you know about my addiction. Those of you that know either think I’m completely nuts and give me a humouring smile whenever I start with ‘have you tried…?’ or you’ve joined me in carrying little vials of oils around with you (it all starts with the keychain) because you know you’re going to need them!

A year ago, I would have given myself a humouring smile. And now… Well I just don’t know why everyone doesn’t have a basic set!

Forget everything you’ve ever heard about ‘aromatherapy’. I was taught 20 years ago that you mix a ‘top, middle and bottom note’ oil for primarily  enhancing mood or relieving stress. However, distillation methods have improved, as has education, meaning that CPTG essential oils have a much wider range of use.

If you’ve only got one foot on the ‘oil crazy’ bus, here’s what life looks like when you’re fully on board…

After a morning shower I spray the shower with a spray bottle full of water and On Guard, Clove, Lemon and Oregano to keep it clean and mould free… I wear a focus blend during the day as a perfume because I love it, and I need the help with focusing… I clean surfaces with On Guard in a spray bottle of water and floors with On Guard cleaner… I wash the clothes in a laundry detergent I mix up of soap flakes, bi-carb and essential oil (Lemongrass at the moment, but my last batch was Wild Orange)… I use coconut oil as my moisturiser… I make my own body scrub with sugar, olive oil and essential oil (Patchouli currently)… I diffuse On Guard in the house when the kids get home from school… Purify in the kitchen to pep me up so I get cooking…Balance in the kids bedrooms at night to calm them down… Easy Air in my bedroom to help with snoring (not my snoring, just saying!).

Actually, that doesn’t even scratch the surface! I use Lavender on the kids scratches and bites, Peppermint for a temperature, Oregano and Rosemary in cooking, Lime in my hommus, Citrus Bliss in my clinic, Digest Zen when someone has tummy pains or bloating, Frankincense for headaches, Lemon for pencil marks on walls and On Guard on the kids feet when there seems to be a lot ‘going around’.

Sometimes, I just put an oil in the diffuser because I like the smell of it… Just like I did when I learnt about aromatherapy all those years ago. Mostly though, I ‘use’ the oils and the term ‘aromatherapy’ doesn’t cut it for oils that can be used in so many ways. The herbalist in me loves the effects plant molecules have on our cells. I love that anyone can get a set, get educated and have so many resources at their fingertips for themselves and their families.

It might not be just ‘aromatherapy’ anymore, but it is essential.

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