What’s yours?

If I asked you what it would take for you to feel great, truly great today, what would your answer be?

For most of us, the answer isn’t overcoming something that is incurable or unachievable. For most of us, our answers are along the lines of needing sleep quality or getting control of anxiety. It’s gaining energy and losing weight or it’s improving immunity so you don’t get every cold going around. It’s things like being able to eat out without having to run to the loo or getting so many headaches. For most of us, it’s these types of bothers that bring us down and we’re not sure what steps we need to take to achieve our health potential. 

This is where I come in as your friendly Naturopath! 

But first, let me tell you a slightly embarrassing story about achieving my own health potential. And this is from the beginning of this year when I should have known better!

The first part of this year was pretty busy. We had our beautiful little house on the market, sold it, moved, I shut my yoga studio and opened my Naturopathic Clinic. Most traumatically of all, our little boy started school! Aargh! I was so busy trying to make all our transitions as smooth as possible, I never gave myself a second thought. 

From about the beginning of the year I started getting migraines again. I used to get migraines regularly years ago, but sugar was my key and when I gave that up, they stopped. But they were back. A couple of times a month too! 

It was awful. Then I got one when we were on a 4 day family break. Well, that wasn’t much fun. Having that horrible aura while trying to pretend you’re fine at the beach? Yuk. And then the migraine pain. Double yuk. And the migraine hangover? Yuk, yuk, yuk.

So my husband who isn’t know for subtlety, said, ‘This is stupid, what would you do for someone who came to you like this?’ Oh! I hadn’t thought to treat myself! Yep, I really do feel a bit silly telling this story.

So, I looked at what I was eating, when I was getting the migraines and checked my own eyes. I made myself a herbal tonic, started on some good quality B Complex and some Magnesium out of my dispensary, and I haven’t had a migraine since.

The moral to my embarrassing story? Sometimes we get so caught up in everyday life that we truly don’t see the forrest for the trees, or stop to think how we are feeling and how we could be feeling.

So ask yourself what your Health Potential is… And then do something about it.

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