Liquid Herbs = 😝

I love liquid herbs. They are my primary passion when prescribing as a Naturopath. 

I especially love it when I send a bottle of beautifully mixed liquid herbs home with a client and they message me in hysterical horror at the taste of them. Why? Because it means they’re taking them and they’ll keep taking them.

Okay, so they don’t taste great. Even I can admit that. And I have had some very funny moments at home when I’ve given my poor husband liquid herbs containing Andrographis! (He can pick the smell now… He he.) But they are really really effective.

Here’s the thing. Three people could come through my clinic with say, anxiety. But each person has a different health history with a different symptomatic cause. Because no two people are alike, no two treatments can be alike. 

What I really love, is that even if I prescribe the same combination of liquid herbs for two people, the amount of each herbal liquid will differ, specific to that client.

So how do you take liquid herbs? 

The standard dose is 5ml. I’ll give you a little measuring cup, so after you’ve measured out your 5ml of liquid herbs, add another 10ml of water (or even juice) to the mix.

Have another drink of water or juice ready. Then throw down your liquid herbs mix and drink your waiting drink. Done. You just want to minimise the time your liquid herbs has in your mouth.

Still no good? There’s a flavouring mix I can add (mostly for kids and husbands) or you can make jelly in an ice cube try with a dose of herbs in each compartment.

Liquid herbs are great value for money. They are also really easily absorbed by your body since they don’t have to be broken down like tablets or capsules. 

And they are a whole herb extract. This means that the liquid extract contains the phytochemistry of the whole herb. This is important as we believe that whole herb actives are more bioavailable than taking the active ingredients out of a herb and utilising them individually.

Either way, liquid herbs give great results… I even had them described as ‘funky’ the other day. Funky is good, right?

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