Sniff, Cough, Achoo!

What a season! Everyone seems to be sick. Sore throats, upper respiratory discomfort, earaches, sinus pain, aches and fatigue. And the coughing! Oh my goodness the coughing.

So why can’t we all just run into our GP and ask for some antibiotics? 

Because antibiotics don’t work for a viral infections, they work on bacterial infections. Darn. 

But they’d probably help a bit right? Nope. Sadly, not at all. If you have a viral infection, like the flu, or a cold, or even a viral infection like shingles, antibiotics won’t help. Asking antibiotics to attack a viral microorganism is like walking into a cake shop and asking for a stick of broccoli. It’s just not going to happen.

I was going to launch into an explanation here on how a virus microorganism is just a nucleic acid molecule in a protein coat and can’t survive on its own, needing one of your living cells to use as a host… as opposed to a bacteria  which is a single cell microorganism which can survive on its own and can be attacked by antibiotics because antibiotics can break the cells walls of bacteria or kill them in other ways… And then I realised this probably doesn’t interest you at all!

But… What to do for a viral infection probably really does interest you!

Your immune system is your best friend here. Every tool you have here revolves around giving your immune system the strength to do its job.

Here’s what I recommend:

1. Keep hydrated! Every cell and process in your body happens more effectively if you’re well hydrated. Pop some lemon in your water bottle, pour a herbal tea (echinacea and elderberry is great) and stay away from the coffee and alcohol. 

2. Use your essential oils. On Guard or Easy Air in the diffuser is great. Add a little Lavender if you need to calm coughing spasms. On Guard or Arborvitae are great on feet in a carrier oil at night.

3. Eat nutrient dense food that is easy to digest. When your body is busy healing it doesn’t need to be digesting! So maybe leave the 1kg steak in the freezer until next week and whip up a veggie soup instead.

4. Rest. Listen to your body and take it easy. Back your exercise routine off a little, have a few earlier nights and let go of a few commitments. This is the time to be kind to yourself.

5. Herbal Tonics. I can’t recommend a herbal tonic for boosting immunity highly enough! No matter how well you eat, you won’t be able to get the amount of Tumeric into your body that I can. Or Andrographis, or Astragalus, or Ginger… And so my list goes on. Instead of just suffering through, a custom made Herbal Tonic can boost your immune system and get you back to feeling like you as fast as possible.

And in the meanwhile… Try and keep your virus to yourself with great hygiene. Besides, you don’t want your husband coming down with the ‘man’ version… he he.

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