How to (not need to) detox.

I’ve just been reading a great book all about how to remove toxins like heavy metals from your body. It’s been enthralling to a herbal medicine lover like me. Once you’re a Naturopath I swear you just can’t get enough of Turmeric, Feverfew, Celery Seed and the importance of including fresh herbs like Coriander to clean out cells, tissues and organs to restore vitality and health.

Reading this brought up a couple of thoughts for me. One of them was that this would be a great way to help people regain their energy and health. So if you’ve been feeling behind the 8 ball, get along to your health professional and get a wellness check. Talk about your lifestyle so that someone else can give you a helping hand to make a couple (or a lot) of improvements to your lifestyle and diet.

My other thought was this…Gee, we live in this great city, with clean water and fresh air. What could be causing a toxicity that affects our health?
My answer to this is… We are! And here are some swaps to improve your health.

1. Save your money and don’t buy a drink with your lunch… Unless it’s water. I get that sometimes we’re busy and we need to/or want to buy lunch each day. But whatever drink you’re going to buy is going to have something in it that you don’t need to be processing. Get a good drink bottle instead and fill up at work (most workplaces have filtered water).

2. Throw out as many as your cleaners as you can. Replace them with cleaning vinegar and essential oils. This is a love of mine. I have saved so much money by investing in essential oils. And my home is better for it. 10 drops of a protective anti-bacterial, anti-viral essential oil blend in a spray bottle of water is my choice over all the surface sprays on the market. I can also use it on my kids feet to boost their immune system, in a diffuser and even in cooking.

3. Grow something. An organic veggie garden that completely fed your family would be amazing, wouldn’t it! But a pot of parsley or coriander on your windowsill is a great start. Or a tomato plant in a pot. A little of anything good is better than none. 

4. Move. Everyday we need to move. We need to walk and twist and bend. Find something you love to do and give yourself the time and space to do it.

5. Eat whole food. I’ve read that it should be three ingredients, but I aim for 5. If something I pick up off the shelf has more than 5 ingredients in it, I don’t buy it. There are always exceptions to this one (and if you see my trolley before my son’s birthday party this week I’m sure I’ll have failed miserably) but this is my aim. The other idea here is that if something contains an ingredient you’re not familiar with, don’t eat it. 

And finally… Ask for help! Some of us nutty health type professionals spend large amounts of time reading and studying health so you don’t have to. We love it. Ask us… It makes us happy! 😃

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