The Tox on you!

There was gingerbread, champagne, glasses of wine, Brie, chocolate, chips and my sister-in-law even made a huge neinish tart which was delicious!

But now I feel like a slug. Aargh. And it’s time to turn that around!

Know how I feel? Wondering why we’re all feeling like this?

Our bodies are absolutely remarkable. Our bodies take the things we put in them (by either eating, adding them to our skin or breathing them in) break them down, use what is helpful and get rid of what is not.

Sadly, even though I had seconds of the neinish tart, there wasn’t anything in it my body used for any positive result!

Our clever bodies have detoxification and elimination pathways. When these are overloaded, we start to notice symptoms such as:

-skin breaking out

-excema or hives

-fatigue or exhaustion

-heaviness in your body

-weight gain


-sleeplessness or over sleeping

-smelly feet and or underarms

-loose stools

-smelly wee


-and a general unbalanced, out of whack feeling through your body.

So should we all run out, grab a juicer and drink our meals for the next week? Sadly, no. (I’m currently over preparing food!) Nor should we jump online and buy the first detox kit we come across. 

Why? Because we are all so different! Anything that is at all extreme is really going to shake your body up, but not necessarily in a positive way.

Here are some things your body will love:

-cut out alcohol for a bit… Or at least cut it right back

-cut back your coffee (cut back by one cup every couple of days)

-increase your water intake gradually to 2 litres a day 

-start your day off with a fresh lemon and ginger tea or a detox tea

-move. Moving is one of the best things you can do for your body. Get outside and go for a walk. Just 10mins is better than nothing. And you can fit that in your day!

-give yourself a few days of food that you know is really easy for you to digest (kitcheree’s, cold soups, smoothies, steamed vegetables, slow cooked meats… Whatever works for you)

-squeeze a little lemon juice into your water bottle for the day, or use a drop of DoTerra Lemon essential oil (don’t use any other brand of essential oil unless it’s CPTG)

-go to bed by 10.30pm and get up by 7am… And keep your bed and wake times regular.

If you do this for a month and you still feel rubbish, you need to see your chosen health practitioner (Incidentally… I’m a good example of someone you could choose to see… Funny that hey!) Cellular chemistry is complex and individual and your cells may need some extra help and attention.

And finally, the very best thing you can do for your body (which actually in hindsight may also have been to avoid the second slice of neinish tart) is to start today. Not Monday, not next week, not when school goes back, but right now. Go and pour yourself a glass of water right now and your body will say thanks!

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