The morning of the projectile vomit…

Yep, it’s not even 9.30am on Friday morning and I’ve been covered unexpectedly in vomit, spent nearly an hour cleaning the lounge room, solved the bathroom flood and managed to get the horrid vomit smell out of the house.

I was really looking forward to today! I had a lovely friend coming over and I was just going to finish off some Salted Caramel Cacao Cups for us to have. I was all organised for the school run, only missing Declan’s drink bottles which had been left at school. Homework was done, the last reader for the week completed, kids were dressed. I was internally high fiving myself! I was even planning to drop goodies off at the hospital for a beautiful friend who has just had a baby. And I was secretly planning on picking up Thai tonight on my way home from swimming lessons.

So I wasn’t expecting it when Declan said, ‘Mum,’ and vomited all over me!


I threw both covered kids in the shower, changed and grabbed the On Guard in water to clean everything up. Once the washing machine was going, the doors were open and the diffusers were on I checked on the kids. They’d managed to cover the drain in the shower and water was all through the bathroom!

Pulled the kids out of the shower (Declan now claims he feels better and could go to school!) mopped up all the water up and put the kids safely in front of the TV.

As a Naturopath, I tend to take it personally when the kids get sick. After all, I should be able to prevent that, right? Hmm… Well from time to time my kids still get sick. I think that’s the nature of kids. But, when things go around, my kids often manage to miss catching it and when they do, they don’t get as sick for as long.

What’s the secret?

-Zinc and C. I have my kids on a Zinc and C supplement for most of Winter and occasionally through the rest of the year. Zinc and C builds the immune system and can reduce the severity of colds and minor illnesses.

– Essential Oils. I swear by an immune blend called On Guard. It’s a combination of essential oils that are antiviral and antibacterial. All week I’ve been meaning to put it in the diffusers and rub it into the kids feet at night. Wish I’d done more than think about it now! I also use an airways blend called Easy Air which is a great blend of essential oils for opening airways. 

– Probiotics. Your immune system is strongly connected to your gut. The research coming out about this is amazing! If you’re sick, your gut isn’t as happy as it could be. I’ll pop the kids on a  kid specific probiotic for the next couple of weeks.

– Herbal Liquids. Now I know not everyone has a herbal dispensary downstairs, but it’s really very handy. I have immune blends of herbal tonic made up in my cupboard for us. For the kids and my hubbie, I have the baby version of an immune blend that tastes fine and is easy to take, it’s mostly Echinacea and Licorice. In a version for myself and what I’d commonly put in an immune blend for an adult (other than my dramatic husband) is Echinacea, Astragalus, Andrographis, Ginger, Tumeric and Licorice. Okay, so it doesn’t taste like mocktail you’d drink at a party, but it does really fire up the immune system.

– Garlic, Onion and Tumeric. I had loads of garlic, onion and Tumeric in a beautiful curry I made last night that the kids wouldn’t touch. These three super immune boosters are loved by every cell in your body. Since I won’t be getting my Thai for dinner tonight, I might add pasta to it and give it to the kids again!

– Fluids. We all need enough sugar free fluids to enable our bodies natural detoxification pathways to function effectively. Water is essential every day to maintain health… And improve it! 2 litres at least for adults, scaled down amounts for kids. Soups are a great option for both fluid and nutrition.

And remember, if you or the kids do get sick, drop your workload. Rest up, cut back your exercise and go to bed early. 

Declan (who is quite into percentages at the moment) has just told me he is now 100% better. As for me… I can still smell vomit even though the kids swear they can’t, so I’m going for a shower.

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