The why of it…

I was part way through a beautifully technical blog on Tribulus (mostly because I pulled out about a hundred of them from my block in the last week) when I tried to take a photo of one and my phone storage is full.

That stopped my blog, it was all it took. (I must need to put some more work into making that one a bit more interesting before I publish it!) That and I was thinking how lovely it was to see a friend from nearly 20 years ago this morning who wandered into my clinic and gave me the surprise of my life!

20 years ago I was working in television. It’s hard to believe, but I wasn’t really amazing at it. I think I drove my managers a little crazy.

It didn’t take long before I realised I needed to retrain. I fell into Remedial Massage with the aim of becoming a Naturopath.

The road to Naturopathy was a much longer one than I could have imagined! But I am so thankful that I’m here. 

For the past year I’ve been mixing my lovely herbs and hearing your aims and health goals. It’s absolutely wonderful watching you work towards them; gaining energy, wellness and happiness as you go.

So when do you see a Naturopath? I think the best way to describe it is when you know you don’t feel quite right in yourself and you’d like some guidance on getting back to what is optimal health for you.

Naturopaths can support weight loss, fertility, stress, anxiety, depression, allergies, digestive disorders and more. I use herbal liquids as my go to. I love them. They are great value for money, highly bioavailable and very effective. Okay, so they’re not really yummy, but you need to think of them as liquid earthy goodness. Earthy is the nice way of suggesting that they may taste a little like dirt. The bright side here is that your liquid herbs are mixed precisely to what you need at this point in time! It’s the most effective way of creating a personalised bottle of health help.

Naturopaths also use supplements when you don’t feel that you can embrace the earthy goodness of liquid herbs. Truely, they are easier to swollow. There might also be something needed in supplement form that we can’t supply in a liquid herb.

Wondering what else Naturopaths do? Well, we know all the stuff you don’t read in the health pages of your favourite mag or on Google. Here’s an example… Andrographis is really popular at this time of year. It’s an excellent immune booster. I’ve been reaching for it daily. You’ll find it in any immune boosting supplements. But I won’t reach for it if you have an autoimmune issues, high blood pressure or slow blood clotting issues. That includes medication for these issues and even aspirin! 

The other vital thing a good Naturopath will do is recognise their skill scope. If you wander into my clinic and you’re better off being seen by another health modality, that’s where I’ll send you. If you need extra tests, if I think there is more going on, or if I think you’re just plain old better off somewhere else, off you go.

Me? I just love my herbal liquids and helping you become as healthy as you possibly can… And seeing friends again after 20 years!

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