Our block is full of prickles and bindis. So about a month ago (t-shirt and shorts weather) when my little girl went running up the slope after me calling, ‘Mum!’ my cry of ‘be careful!’ was completely in vain. As I watched, she tripped over her own feet and landed face down on the ground. In all the bindis.

When I picked her up, the poor little thing had bindis stuck in her forearms, hands and legs. Some of them, like the Tribulus, I could just pull out. The tiny prickles from the Silver Leaf Nightshade, I needed to get the tweasers onto.

As I was brushing, picking and pulling prickles and bindis out of my crying 3 yr old, I was thinking how can such a pest of a plant be good for anything? Actually, I thought this a lot over summer as I was pulling Tribulus out of the ground by hand!

Tribulus, what we commonly know as cat’s heads or cat’s eye bindis, must be the reason thongs were invented!

And yet, it’s a beautiful herbal liquid that I find myself reaching for in the clinic quite regularly. Tribulus, or Tribulus terrestris, promotes general wellbeing and is known as a hormone modulator in both males and females.

Herbal liquid is made from the leaf of the plant (I knew that bindi was good for nothing!) and is used for increasing male fertility by enhancing sexual function and improving production and motility of spermatozoa.

It is also used for females to improve fertility and also to alleviate menopausal symptoms.

Combined with a favourite herbal liquid of mine, Withania, it is used as a nervine tonic and to rejuvenate the kidneys.

And even body builders love Tribulus! The active component of Tribulus leaf are steroidal saponins, making them an alternative to anabolic steroids… As long as you use Bulgarian Tribulus leaf! Different Tribulus leaf from around the world have different levels of active ingredients.

Our bike tyres may hate Tribulus, and the bindis were certainly horrid to pull out of my little girls arms and legs (thank goodness for Lavender oil!) but it’s nice to know it is actually good for something. Meanwhile I’ll just keep pulling them out of the ground in the hope that one day we’ll be brave enough to walk around with bare feet!

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  1. kpieper14 says:

    Thanks Fran! It is nice to know it’s good for something and not just a pesky plant!


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