Some time ago, a very funny friend started tagging her Instagram posts with the hashtag of 'do not drink the ginger', whenever she was mentioning her beautiful herbal concoctions that I'd made her.
She had to be kiddding though right? Ginger is beautiful! It adds a real kick to a liquid herbs mix and can disguise some of the other (perhaps not so lovely and a little more earthy) flavours.
Turned out she wasn't kidding! Whoops! Who knew there were people out there who didn't like ginger. Since then, a few have popped up. These days I tend to ask how you feel about ginger before I give you a full dose in your liquid herbs!
The marvellous thing about liquid herbs is that they're made just for you. I can add the smallest amount of ginger, through to a full dose of ginger, depending on what you need or what you can handle.
Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is amazing! Everyone should be using the hashtag of #drinkthegingereveryday!
And here's why. Ginger root (actually the rhizome) has been used for thousands of years both as dried root powder and as fresh root. It's been used to reduce nausea and vomiting, to stimulate circulatory activity, to stimulate digestion and to reduce inflammatory effects like arthritic pain.
As a herbal liquid, ginger is used for digestive issues, migraines, recurrent headaches, menstrual problems and to enhance the bioavailability of other treatments.
Ginger is quite famous as the go to for a cold. Great idea! As a circulatory stimulant, it will be heating and helpful in breaking up and removing whatever goo your head and chest are clogged up with.
You can pop some ginger in whatever you're making for dinner tonight. I use ginger mostly in tea. Here's a super quick tea that is beautiful and will help you kick a cold, improve your circulation and make your digestive system love you.

Ginger, Lemon and Honey Tea.
Peel and chop about a 1cm knob of ginger and allow to steep in boiling water in a tea pot or infuser in your tea cup.
Add the juice of half a lemon into your tea cup. Add the ginger tea and as it cools a little, add a teaspoon of honey. Enjoy!

So when it comes to ginger, remember that you can have too much of a good thing sometimes so go easy to start with… and most importantly #drinkthegingereveryday

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