Sneeze, scratch, sniff, poop…

Do you suffer from an allergy?

Well, you’re not alone!

Did you know that more than 20% of the population in industrialised countries suffer from food allergy or intolerance?


And yet, I bet you could tell me about a friend, family member or child that you know of, or even yourself, that is allergic to some kind of food straight off the top of your head.

At a seminar I recently went to on ‘Solving Allergy and Reactivity,’ we heard that by 2050, it’s expected that the number of people affected by allergic disease in Australia will increase by 70%. That means that 7.7 million people in Australia will be affected by allergic disease!

So what do we do about it? Do we just encourage people to avoid the stuff that makes them itch, scratch, sniff or poop? There’s a major problem with this.

Let’s take eggs for example, since they’re well-known as an allergen. If you have an egg allergy and you spend your life avoiding eggs, that’s great. You shouldn’t have a reaction. But what happens when eggs end up in your food, or you touch someone who has just touched eggs… yep, you’ll still react. The problem is that you might not react with an itch… you might react by losing the ability to breathe.

Allergy is a very serious issue, which isn’t solved by avoidance. This is because we can’t truly avoid anything unless we can control what the world around us is doing!

So here’s another way.

Change the way your body reacts to your allergen.

If we can make your body more tolerant to your allergen, the reaction will be much less severe.

First, we need to rest and reset.

We do this by removing your allergens from your life as much as possible. Then we give your body time to rest and heal with the support of amazing herbs and bacteria.

If you’ve been continuously coming into contact with your allergen, your body will be in a massive state of inflammation. Reducing that inflammation really puts your body in a great place to react differently.

Dietary changes come into play here to lower the histamine levels in your body. Your health professional will guide you through removing different inflammatory food groups for a small amount of time.

Pre and probiotics can be utilised as needed to reinstate a healthy gut biome so that your body can react with tolerance to allergens. This will also help to decrease the inflammatory state of your body.

Of course, my great tasting herbs always have a place! They are used to lower the inflammatory state of the body as much as possible and to enable a lower reactivity to allergens. Liquid herbs are incredibly bioavailable and easily absorbed and can provide many different treatment actions simultaneously. There are also some brilliant supplements specially designed for lowering reactions to allergies for people who don’t like my beautiful tasting herbal liquids.

Keep in mind here that if you have an allergy that causes anaphylaxis, then you, your epipen and your GP, need to send you off to whatever specialist is best to deal with that crazy stuff. While I won’t be re-introducing anything into your life that you’ve previously had major life threatening issues with, I would highly recommend a healthier, more balanced, more tolerant body to join you on that journey, which is what you would want to see a Naturopath for. That way, whatever treatment you decide on, you’ll be healthier as a starting point… that is always going to be massively beneficial.

The moral to the story is that if you treat an allergy by avoiding it, the reaction you can potentially have to it, or the symptoms you keep getting, won’t go away. You don’t need to put up with sniffing, pooping, itching, sneezing… or whatever symptoms appear in your life as a result of an allergy. There are effective treatment protocols available here and now to improve your lifestyle, lesson the worry in the back of your mind and leave you with a more tolerant, less reactive system.

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