Gold stars for Thermo!

Your two weeks of Thermo is done and dusted! Woot woot!

Here’s what happens next.

First you get a gold star from me.

It takes dedication to your health to take the goodies I send you home with. You might laugh at this, but they’re really more effective in your system than on your bench top!

While you were taking Thermo, you may have noticed some headaches (especially if your water intake is low), you may have noticed some fatigue and you may have noticed that things you normally reach for as a bit of an energy or emotional hit, you just didn’t look for (especially if they were salty or sugary). These were all signs that your system was improving.

What I’m hoping you also noticed towards the end of the two weeks is that you had more energy, slept better, had a brighter complexion, felt more positive and you were feeling like you’d made some positive changes to your lifestyle.

You may have even lost a little weight if you were carrying a bit extra.

If you were cleaning up a bit of an unhealthy binge like I was (I have no idea how I could have gone away for a month in a caravan with my family without a nightly red wine!) then you should be pretty right now. Just go back to your normal clean diet and enjoy. We’ll probably talk about repeating these two weeks around mid-January when the festive season is done and dusted, we’re all exhausted and our good eating habits have disappeared with Santa’s reindeer.

If you were using Thermo for weight loss, you’ll want to keep up your healthy lifestyle adaptions and food intake and repeat your two weeks of Thermo in a month’s time.

Here’s why.

When we lose weight we have to break up fat cells and use them as energy. There are all sorts of by products of this process which your liver has to sort out for you as part of your body’s very clever two-phase detoxification system. Your liver does this really well and the weight comes off.

While this is happening, you liver is sending as much rubbish out of your body as it can. This is all keeping your liver very busy… so when it can’t get the rubbish out of your body, it keeps it. Kind of like shoving it in a liver cupboard for later.

After a while, your liver cupboard is full and you stop losing weight. When you’re eating well and exercising moderately, we’ve found this takes about a month. So we repeat the Thermo.

This amazing system means that you don’t stop losing weight until you’ve reached your healthy weight. It also means that the weight stays off beautifully.

I never like the idea of weight loss to look good in your swimmers or to fit into your short skirts for summer, but we all do put on a little weight in Winter that we like to shred about now. I also really really like the idea that when you’re at your healthy weight, which is different for everyone, you feel so much better about everything! Your confidence improves, you feel healthier so you’re more inclined to exercise and you make better dietary choices.

And as long as we’re not all having family time in caravans, then we should be able to maintain that!

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