Samantha Clause…

I was just saying goodbye to one of my lovely clients when a little red hatchback pulled up in front of my clinic.

“Hi there, I’m Fran,” I welcomed as a happy looking middle-aged lady moved slowly out of her car.

“Hi,” She smiled. “I’m Samantha. Your new clinic is much easier to find than your old one! This is lovely.”

“Oh, thanks. I’ve been here just over a year now. I haven’t seen you before though, have I Samantha?” I’m normally pretty good with names and faces and I was sure I hadn’t seen Samantha before… although she did look a little familiar!

“No, I sent my husband to you a couple of years ago. Oh lovely!,” She cooed at the clinic door.  “What a good idea to put the clinic at the front of the house! Oh, this will work perfectly.”

“Ah, thanks. Come on in,” I offered. Samantha moved slowly, like she was tired and achy. “I’ve just boiled the kettle, will you have a herbal tea?”

“Oh, I’d love one. I’ve had a very busy morning,” she replied.

“Have you been busy working or shopping,” I asked.

“Well, the line is kind of blurry, but mostly I guess working.”

“What do you do for work?” I asked.

“We call it ‘distribution’,” she said with a twinkle in her eye. “I’m in town planning our upcoming trip.”

About now, while Samantha was comfortably nursing a cup of tea, I opened her file to take some notes. “Oh!” I very unprofessionally exclaimed. “Your husband is Nick Clause!”

A couple of years ago, Nick Clause came to visit me. Well, came in for a consult! I have to admit that at the time I thought that my husband had set the whole thing up. The twinkling eyes, the rosy cheeks, the chat about Christmas’ past… well, it took me by surprise!

However, after a couple of follow-up Skype consults (obviously the Clause family doesn’t live locally), I have changed my tune and I have to admit (and you can laugh all you like) that I believe this guy is truly Santa. The one and only, real Santa.

And sitting in front of me was his lovely wife.

“How is Nick?” I asked.

“Oh fine. He said to say hi. He said he has your kids covered this year so not to worry that what you’d like to get your daughter is out of stock everywhere online.”

I laughed. This kind of talk used to throw me!

“Thank you! That’s great news. I’ve been looking everywhere.  And what has brought you here, Samantha?”

At that, Samantha promptly burst into tears.

“I’m exhausted. I’m moody and stressed. Oh, I’m sorry, I told myself I wouldn’t cry. Do you think I can be stuck in menopause forever? I’m sick of the cold, and then I travel to somewhere warm and I have these flushes! I’m so stressed I can’t sleep. And I’m doing everything! For everyone! I mean, I love my husband, but he works one day a year! One day! And just because that one day is Christmas Day, he seems to think he can sit around the rest of year with his feet by the fire drinking hot chocolate and eating biscuits… that I make him!”

Oh dear. Seems some problems are universal. I handed her a tissue as she continued.

“I’m washing, I’m ironing, I’m organising the workshop. Everyone is leaving everything everywhere and I just have so much work to do that I don’t know how to get through it. I’m putting on weight, I’m tired, did I mention that I’m feeling very stressed and overwhelmed?”

“That’s okay, you’ll be surprised what a good bottle of herbal liquids can do,” I reassured her.

We ran through Samantha’s diet and lifestyle and found that she was skipping breakfast, eating too many low nutrient density meals with too many sugary snacks and not moving enough even though she was always busy. Iridology showed up stress rings and digestive issues that Samantha was so used to that she was taking for granted.

Samantha also acknowledged that she was doing absolutely nothing for herself.  She promised to take some time each day to both walk the short distance to the North Pole and back (a little walk is always better than nothing when you’re busy), and to go and visit the reindeer each day as she finds this calming.

Between us we drew up a meal plan that Samantha felt she could stick to, increasing her water intake a little, adding in some colour and nutrition to her meals and gently dropping the amount of nutritionally empty snacks.

And of course I sent her off with a bottle of beautiful bioavailable liquid herbs for lowing stress, balancing her hormones and improving digestion. I also asked her to see the Health Elf when she arrived back home for blood tests so he could give her the all clear and I could keep working with her.

“I feel so much better, just having a plan!” Samantha said.

“Oh good,” I replied. “Just remember that if you move, eat the rainbow and drink water, your body will be in a great place to move back towards its best state of wellness… and everything else we can normally do with herbs.”

“I was worried that you were going to tell me that I couldn’t eat anything nice or have any eggnog, just before Christmas,” she confided. “I nearly left it until after Christmas so I didn’t have to go without through our festive season.”

“I can understand that,” I told her. “But I never want people to feel that health choices are restricting. The key to it all is balance. Have some eggnog, have the festive food, but at the same time, keep moving, keep your water up and keep an eye on nutrition so your cells don’t start to hate you. And have a chat to Nick, I’m sure he doesn’t even realise how much you’re doing.”

“Speaking of husbands,” Samantha said with a twinkle in her eye. “Yours has done well this year with his Christmas shopping for you!”

“Oh, actually, I was a bit cheeky this year and bought something myself from him,” I admitted a bit sheepishly.

“I know, but he got a little something else for you. It was quite thoughtful really!”

“Huh! Well there you go. I’ll look forward to Christmas morning then and seeing what that is!”

“And we’ll Skype in two weeks?” Samantha asked.

“Absolutely. Christmas will be over and we can sort you out so that you feel healthy and well heading into 2019.”

Samantha left with a hug and some instructions from me for her husband, who I’m sure could also use a follow-up consult by now.

As she drove off in her little red car, all I could think was what an amazing year I’ve had in my new clinic.  I’ve seen so many wonderful people and had the opportunity to introduce so many of you to the amazing qualities (taste included) of liquid herbs. It’s been an absolute pleasure.

And I’m really, really,  looking forward to doing it all again in 2019.

Merry Christmas!

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