Healthy as…

I think I can speak for all Naturopaths when I say that we take it very personally if we get sick.

After all, we’re in the business of wellness. That means we have to be healthy… right? Speaking for myself, it also means that I tend to ignore all warning systems my body has in place for illness. Not smart.

Even when I’m on the other side of the world to my dispensary (well, actually, it was the South Coast, but it felt like the other side of the world when I needed it!), I still tend to think I’m fairly invincible.

So when my kids begged me to come for a swim in the caravan park ‘hot’ tub last week, I only thought about my massive dislike for cold water. What I learnt, very quickly, as I waded into the ‘slightly heated’ (according to reception) pool that the hot tub was in the middle of, on that lovely warm 17 degrees day, was that my kids and I have very different ideas of what can be classed as ‘hot’ when it comes to water temperatures!

The main problem for me, was that once I made it to the hot tub, (which we can more accurately describe as ‘slightly warmer than the rest of the pool’ tub,) I didn’t want to wade back through the rest of the pool (which would now feel freezing) to get out!

I was stuck.

So I stayed there with my kids laughing hysterically while other mum’s rugged up on the side of the pool giving me that look that can only be described as, ‘Awww… sorry to see you fell for that.’

Eventually, I had to make a dash for it. Through the slightly heated pool I went, ushering the laughing and shivering children over to their towels.

But here’s the thing about mum’s. When it’s cold, you dry your kids first. Then you look at the size of their kiddy beach towels and wrap them in your own. Then you realise you have a towel that resembles the size of a tea towel to dry yourself on and walk back to the caravan with.

So we’re walking back through the caravan park wrapped in towels, while our fellow caravaners greet us. ‘How’s the water?’, ‘Wow, I thought it was too cold to swim,’ and my favourite, ‘did you swim at the beach or in the pool?’

I must have looked a lot more hard core than I really am! Although, I was carrying a 5 yr old while trying to wrap myself in a tiny pink fairy beach towel.

I threw the kids in the shower and checked out my travelling dispensary. Now, in my family, it’s often a bit of a joke how much I bring with us on a trip in the way of herbs and supplements. I like to be prepared. But this was only for a few nights and I’d been busy when I packed. I’d just grabbed the essentials.

Relaxan, ENT for Kids and some Mushroom Forte… but not the Mushrooms with the amazing Astragalus in them. No probiotics, nothing I would normally give an adult who was in danger of man flu.

And I’m sure it had nothing the do with the wine I then poured myself, or the walk around the headlands the next day, or the freezing temperatures at night that we wandered around in… but it happened. I got a cold so miserably debilitating that it could only be described as man flu.

The up side of all this is that when I got home I mixed myself a lovely batch of all those liquid herbs that I preface in the clinic with, ‘are you okay with strong flavours?’ As a result, I am drinking my way through the most revolting bottle of herbs I could ever mix.

It feels like karma from you all!

I always think of health as a combo of genes, lifestyle and environment. But here’s what I’ve been reminded of. This means that like it or not, healthy people still get sick. You can get sick if you only eat organically, if you run 10kms a day, if you’re vegan or if you feel really healthy.

You can get sick with a cold, you can get sick mentally, you can get sick with a weird disease we don’t have a name for or you can get sick with a weird disease we do have a name for.

The best thing you can do is reach out to health professionals and get moving towards wellness as quickly as you can. Don’t ignore your body.

If you’ve seen me in the last six months, I have your health history on file. That means you can send a message, book a pick-up appointment, swing by and pick up some liquids that will help before it feels like you’re making mucus in your toes!

I might have been reminded how ‘strong’ the taste of some of my herbal liquids really are, but I’ve also been reminded of how well they work.

Of course, not getting in the ‘not hot’ tub might also have been effective!

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