treatment options

When you book for a Naturopathic Consultation, select ‘Initial Naturopathic Consultation’ if I haven’t seen you before.

If I’ve seen you before for Naturopathy, even if it’s been a while, select ‘ Naturopathic Consultation.’

My rates are $121 for your initial consultation (please allow 1 1/4hrs for this, or let me know if you have time constraints) or $82 for a follow-up consultation (allow 45mins).

Depending on your level of cover, you’ll be able to claim your consultation fee on your health fund with my association numbers that you’ll find on your receipt.

Herbal liquids are often the most effective and cost efficient method for returning to systemic wellness. Allow $58 for a 220ml bottle of herbal tonic which will last just over 2 weeks, a 500 ml bottle costs $114 but will easily last the month.

Additional supplements are available optionally.

If you’re really certain you don’t like herbal tonic, I can definitely work around that and I won’t make you take them! Tablet style supplements are always an option.

If you’re booking for a phone or Skype/FaceTime Consultation, just book in as normal and let me know in the message section how you would like me to contact you.

I’m always happy to move your appointment as we all know that things come up! But a cancellation fee does apply within 24 hrs of your appointment time of 50% of what your consultation fee would have been.