what to expect

When you come along for a Naturopathic Consulation I’ll take a full case history and ask you about your health goals that you’re aiming to achieve.

As all symptoms and wellness goals are different, every consultation is different and made up of different diagnostic techniques.

Iridology is a great consultive tool where I can see how your body is handling your lifestyle. I can also check your skin, nails and often your tongue to assess your health.

Please bring any pathology reports that you have! These are a great help when assessing your health. Please also bring a list of any medications you are currently taking or have taken recently.

I’ll ask about your diet and lifestyle and about any medical treatments you have had or are having. I am more than happy to work in with your medical team. Naturopathy works in really well with Western Medicine.

As needed, you’ll receive advice on dietary and lifestyle modification, as well as a 220ml bottle of Herbal Tonic compounded especially for your needs. This will take into account any medication you are on and any contraindications.

Your Initial Consulation will cost $121 (a follow-up consultation is $80 if needed) and your 220ml bottle of Herbal Tonic will cost you $58. Herbal Tonic isn’t always needed, but it’s best to allow for it.

Other supplements are available optionally at an additional cost.